The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills is the largest pan-European case study competition for Industrial Engineering and Management students. This prestigious, highly acclaimed event has successfully been organised since 1994 and attracts around 250 top teams each year. Two qualification rounds are required to be selected for the TIMES Final, which takes place in an annually changing venue in Europe. Before reaching this final stage, all the participants take part in a Local Qualification at their home university. The winning team is then allowed to participate in one of the seven Semi Finals, which are organised throughout Europe. The final week eventually brings together the winning teams from each Semi Final to determine Europe’s “IEM Students of the Year”.

During the case study, the teams of 4 students have to proof their knowledge in engineering and management an operate in a real business situation. They have up to 3 hours to finish their solutions, before presenting them in front of the jury, which consist of Professors and Professionals.

TIMES is the perfect chance for you to use the learned theory from university and apply it on practical cases. You train soft skills, like presentation style, self marketing and team work. Along the way you meet professionals from different industry sectors.

The TIMES LQ Hamburg usually takes place in November or December of every year.